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Thursday, February, 10th

8pm | Sunken Lounge in Price Commons

Blue Devil Productions is proud to present Party House along with their special guest. The show will be held at the University of Wisconsin-Stout on Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 8 pm in the Sunken Lounge at the Price Commons on South Campus.

Party House is a band from Minneapolis that was formed by producer/instrumentalist Tommy Rehbein. Tommy and singer/songwriter Gwen Ruehle make up this indie band. Gwen writes the songs on an acoustic guitar and Tommy adds layers of dimensions to the songs with his slow drum beats. Contrasting to the group's name, the combination of Gwen's harmonic vocals, catchy guitar riffs, and slow drum beats make for a chilled out sound. Last December, the band performed at Motion City Soundtrack's music festival and was featured on Party House is bringing their special musical guest, Birds Alive, who will perform before them. Come check out these indie pop bands for a relaxing Thursday night.

This event is sponsored by Blue Devil Productions of the University of Wisconsin-Stout and is FREE to all. Please call (715) 232-2432 or go to for more information.