Comedy Sportz

Thursday, April 11th

8pm | The Great Hall / MSC

Blue Devil Productions is proud to present comedy group ComedySportz on Friday, April 11th at 8pm at the Great Hall located in the University of Wisconsin-Stout Memorial Student Center. This event is a part of UW-Stout's family weekend.

ComedySportz is light-hearted insanity that appeals to people from every walk of life. They provide positive entertainment that is guaranteed to please even the toughest crowd. Everything they do is improvised. They don't have scripts or pre-planned scenes. That's why a ComedySportz match wouldn't be possible without your suggestions. If you have a pulse, it's highly likely that you'll laugh until it hurts. If you don't have a pulse, seek medical attention immediately.

This event is sponsored by Blue Devil Productions of the University of Wisconsin-Stout and is FREE to all. This event is a part of Blue Devil Productions comedy series. Please call (715) 232-2432 or go to for more information.