Thursday, October 2nd

8pm | Terrace / MSC

Blue Devil Productions is proud to present SycAmour with a special guest opener on Thursday, October 2nd at 8pm in the MSC Terrace located on the upper level of the Memorial Student Center.

To grasp the intricacies of SycAmour, you'd have to visit their residence in The Heartwood.

Defined literally as the centermost layer within a tree's trunk, The Heartwood is the narrative space SycAmour spin their songs, all intertwined through an overarching story, a kind-of cousin to the efforts of Coheed and Cambria.

SycAmour weaves their songs with a sonic sleekness that vocalist Jeremy Gilmore coins as "sex-rock," a barrage of pointed emotional statements anchored by spiky riffs and taut percussion. The band's inspiration is drawn from the imagery-laden, vividly lyrical styles of its theatrical-rock forerunners: Chiodos. Panic! At the Disco. Glassjaw. Underoath. The band's Hopeless Records debut EP, Obscure: La Deuxième, is a pumped-up version of SycAmour's 2012 release, Obscure, a collection of songs recorded with producer Johnny Franck and written "loudly, in a cold, dark room."

This event is sponsored by Blue Devil Productions of the University of Wisconsin-Stout and is FREE to all. This event is a part of Blue Devil Productions TNO series. Please call (715) 232-2432 or go to for more information.