BDP's exclusive interveiw with The Wrecks!

Monday, July 31st

We caught up with Nick Anderson and Aaron Kelly from The Wrecks after their show at the Palace Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota. The Wrecks are a five-piece indie-rock band based out of Los Angeles, with Nick Anderson on vocals, Nick Schmidt on guitar, Weston Weiss on guitar, Billy Nally on drums and Aaron Kelley on bass. The band is currently on tour with All Time Low, SWMRS, and Waterparks.

Their debut EP “We Are the Wrecks” was self-produced and recorded in only three days when a friend granted them access to a professional recording studio which they later found out they were never supposed to be in. With almost no notice, they had to book it out of there leaving zero trace.

The Wrecks are no strangers to the mid-west, Aaron is a UW-Stout alum and former music director for Blue Devil Productions. The band has played two shows for Blue Devil Productions weekly music series.

Blue Devil Productions (BDP): Your last EP was recorded in a studio that you guys kind of snuck in to…compared to that, how has your experience been with your record label Another Century?

[Nick] It’s been great, we got do the EP-

[Aaron] Legally!

[Nick] Legally this time! We recorded it in a barn, Andrew D’Angelo and I co-produced it. And we’re excited to put out music that we have full control over again. We went to Los Angeles to try and record the EP with a producer out there, and we didn’t quite like the way that the direction of our music went. So we kind of like threw it all away after blowing away our EP budget. We restarted and moved into my grandma’s house in western New York. In the middle of nowhere. We went to the studio every day and re-worked the songs and re-did the recordings the way we did the first EP which is the way that we thought would get the most genuine sound from our band. So that’s what is it is going to be, except for one song. There’s five songs; four we did in that barn then one of them we did in Los Angeles with our friend Collin.

[BDP] Do you have a timeline of when we can hear these new songs?

[Nick] We would love to have a single out in August, and then pre-orders soon after that.

[BDP] This tour opening for All Time Low has been huge for you guys. New cities, new fans, how has that been?

[Aaron] We’re definitely not used to the size of the venues we’ve been playing; it has been a crazy experience for all of us.

[Nick] I get to crowd surf now! There are enough people where I can jump on the crowd!

[Aaron] Nick crowd surfs, by the end of tour I’ll be crowd surfing, Nick's going to be playing bass for a song. It’s gonna happen!

[Nick] The transition to these stages was really exciting but I think that we’ve kind of got a good grip on it now, and we just bring the same high energy show that we would in a basement, just now it’s 3,000 people.

[BDP] Aaron this one is for you. You were BDP’s Music Director for two years. What have you taken from that experience?

[Aaron] It’s been crazy. First of all, I never thought I would be playing music as a career. I learned a lot in BDP. I learned how to deal with a bunch of bands. Booking bands, and I got to see how everyone acts which has translated to dealing with them on tour. That’s about it, when I booked bands I never got to play, and now I play music.

You can follow The Wrecks on all your favorite social media sites @WeAreTheWrecks and make sure to check out some photos from the show below!