Beach Bunny w/Unturned

Thursday, April 4th

8pm | Terrace, MSC

Blue Devil Productions is proud to present Beach Bunny with opener Unturned on Thursday, April 4th at 8:00 PM in the Terrace, located on the second level of the University of Wisconsin-Stout, Memorial Student Center.

Beach Bunny is the singer-songwriter project and stage name of Lili Trifilio, with tunes reminiscent of alt-pop and “sadgirl” music, beginning in 2015. Adding musicians Matt Henkels (guitar), Jon Alvarado (drums), and Aidan Cada (bass), to her live performances in 2017, Beach Bunny is a Chicago act you do not want to miss. Their opener, Unturned, is a pop-punk band hailing from Minneapolis. They most recently were signed to No Sleep Records and are expected to be dropping a new EP this spring.

This event is sponsored by Blue Devil Productions of the University of Wisconsin-Stout and is FREE to all. This event is a part of Blue Devil Productions TNO series. Please call (715) 232-2432 or go to for more information.